A unique Hotel in Montezuma

Luna Llena, which translates as Full Moon, is an intimate hostel and hotel, situated just above the lively little beach village of Montezuma. Surrounded by jungle and wildlife, the hotel is only 200 meters from the beaches of Playa Montezuma.

Most rooms have an ocean view, and some look directly into the waves. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens with many pathways throughout the property. Fall asleep to the sounds of the surf and the perfume of Ylang Ylang flowering trees, and wake up with monkeys and birds moving through the trees.
You will not be alone for long if you look for nice people. The tranquil “zen energy” of the place brings in open-hearted people from all over the planet, all with the desire to share and to find bliss, joy, relaxation and friends. Many of our guests choose to extend their stay once they become accustomed to the tranquility and natural beauty that surrounds them here. We are proud that so many guests return sooner or later. This is the best compliment to our work and always makes us happy. It feels like a growing family.

Montezuma is not the place where you can find fancy stores, night life, casinos or many indoor activities. However you can walk the untouched beaches for hours, discover little waterfalls flowing into the ocean, explore our “big Montezuma waterfall” where you still do not have to pay an entrance fee and where you have to climb up sometimes on all fours. 
Montezuma goes to bed early. Most of our guests come into the healthy rhythm of waking up with the sun and going to sleep at 9pm. Many times we asked what day it is because here  it is so easy to forget about…

Montezuma Costa Rica

Montezuma has changed into a town with some world class yoga studios and a community where spirituality and friendship are a lifestyle. You can also find healthy food, with many restaurants offering vegetarian and vegan dishes. The supermarket offers all the goodies and a special thank you to Honey with her organic market every Saturday morning. We would like to invite you to turn your stay in Montezuma into a wellness experience. If you like to go out and have some fun you can not miss the party. We have only one bar where the salsa and merengue dancers come out after 10 pm. You can have a drink or two in this bar, right next to the beach. Many nights Cafe Organico offers live music and jam sessions with great international musicians, and fire and  belly dancers do their performances in the town center. The “artesanos” offer their unique crafts and somebody is always practicing to juggle in the middle of the road.